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About Gummy 420


Gummy420 is a collection of passionate individuals with the common goal in mind to bring the highest and safest quality MMJ products to the patients of California. We pride ourselves in using all single sourced materials so we always know where our medication is coming from and what will be in our final product. We stand out from the competition given our edibles are infused with medical cannabinoids without the use of hydrocarbon extractions (solvent hash oil). By virtue of not using solvents to extract cannabinoids our medication is AB266 compliant. Our edibles are made with high quality marijuana flowers. We homogenize/decarboxylate the cannabinoids directly into our Coconut oil which is then infused to each individual gummy. Our cannabinoids are NEVER altered by the use of solvent extracts. Our medicine is true medicine; whole raw cannabis flowers whose medical properties are NEVER tainted with chemicals.

Hydrocarbon Extraction VS Raw Cannabis

Majority of the edibles available on the market are infused/decarboxylated (process of activating cannabinoids to make medicinally available to the body) with cannabinoids that were extracted with the use of a hydrocarbon (ex. Butane, Co2, Propane). Our products DO NOT and will NEVER contain medicine from Hydrocarbon extracts. Our reason is due to our core beliefs in pure, clean and unaltered medicine just as nature intended. When cannabinoids are extracted with hydrocarbons the trichome of the plant is dissolved into that solvent. For hours or even days, processors will purge and distillate any remaining residual solvents from their newly made hash-oil. Even though many lab results show minimal amounts of residuals there are still remnants. For us at Gummy420 we do not feel comfortable recommending medicine which contains trace amounts of chemicals. This is why we only make our edibles solventless, using only raw cannabis and NEVER hydrocarbon extractions. To learn more about the difference between hydrocarbon products and our raw cannabis products, feel free to contact us.