Sour Watermelon Belts

Sour Watermelon Belts

150 mg THC : 10 Individually Infused 15 mg pieces


Net Wt. 112.5 g

This medication was produced and distributed in compliance with California Compassionate Use Act Prop 215, Prop 64, & SB 420 Sections 13625 & 11632.7 of the Health & Safety Code. Warning: May Cause Drowsiness. Do Not Drive Or Operate Heavy Machinery. Dosing: The appropriate dose of Medical Marijuana may be different for each patient and medical condition. Please consult your physician or medical marijuana center. Consume With Care!:)

Dosage amount varies from patient to patient.
Manufactured and distributed by a Caregivers network.
  • Flavored with Real Fruit Juice
  • Lab Tested and Individually Infused
  • 100% Solvent Free Coconut Oil
  • Whole Cannabis Plant Extraction
  • 2-3x More Gummies Per Package
  • Consistent Potency and Quality
  • Discreet and Easily Dosed
  • Solvent Free