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why gummy 420

We only provide the cleanest, safest most potent edibles available on the market. We only make our medicinal edibles with clean     unaltered medicine. Unlike majority of the edibles on the market, we DO NOT use any hydrocarbon extracted cannabinoids since we believe the best medicine comes from house nature intended…unaltered; hence why we choose to use raw marijuana flowers for our products. We offer a full line of potent, clean and safe gummies which come in packages of 150mg THC. All of our products are third party tested for purity, safety and potency to ensure we are providing the best possible medicine.

  • Flavored with real fruit juice
  • Lab tested and individually infused
  • 100% solvent free coconut oil
  • whole canabbis plant extraction
  • 2-3x more gummies per package
  • consistent potency and quality
  • discreet and easily dosed
  • solvent free

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